Day 5: Frank Stella

They call him “The Father of Minimalism”.

ttrrrriiiippppyyyyy. His use of warm and cool colors side by side creates a great vibration effect.

Some people would say it doesn’t take any talent to do this.

Does that look easy to you?

Minimalism is no easy feat. Stripping a figure down until you’re left with nothing but its basic construction takes a lot of practice and a lot of time and energy.

A lot of time.

Unfortunately, because of this title he earned in the 60s, the art world has started to look down their nose at him. Well.. fuck them.

Though he is a great minimalist artist; he was and always will be a manipulator of space and spacial illusion and how the viewer perceives it.

You want this to be 3D dont you?

Optics. You want this to have edges, you want them to be coming forward; the lines are following a form after all right? wrong. This is completely flat. Your mind has been tricked.

How about this?

And now what is he doing?

The same thing on a much grander scale. A new take on his challenge of space.

The Pythia

Watch this


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