Day 6: Claes Oldenburg

Claes Oldenburg is a swedish artist, mostly 3D, famous for his recreations of found objects.

Spoon Bridge. How is that for public sculpture?

He sort of has a fascination with things that are discarded.

While we dispose of these things, without having a second thought about it, he studies them. Their form and textural qualities.

Like a boss.

Have you ever really looked at the surface changes in a bitten apple? or the creases that are created in a tube or toothpaste/paint or a cigarette butt?

Well he has. Before starting a sculpture he draws hundreds and hundreds of versions of it before deciding on a product that appeals to him.

He doesnt work exclusively in large scale metal sculptures though. He also uses textiles.

Well that is definitely not cooperate "plop" art


The Pythia


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