Day 7: Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan is an installation artist from the UK.

❤ reds

This is her artist statement from February this year:

“My work is about change and the passing of time, and the transience of everything around us. For me, creating seemingly solid structures or forms from thousands of individually suspended elements has a direct relation with my experience of these forces. There is a sense of fragility and a lack of solidity that carries through all the sculptures. I feel as if they are somewhere between movement and stillness, and thus in possession of a certain energy.

first installed (2002)

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

Animals, birds and insects have been present in my recent sculptures, and I use suspense to create something akin to freeze frames. In some works, animals might appear to fly or fall through other seemingly solid suspended forms, or even perch or sit on them. In other works, insects appear to fly in static formations. The evidence of gravity – or lack of it – inherent in these scenarios is what brings them to life, or death.”


Fluid (2009) my favorite


“It is hard to pin down my influences since I work intuitively, not intellectually. I feel a close connection with the natural world which I hope is evident in my work, but our clumsy, often destructive relationship with nature, and the ‘artificial’ world we have constructed are of equal significance. Ultimately I find myself focussing on areas where the boundaries cannot be clearly defined.


Fantastic Mr. Fox (2008)

What is surrounding the fox is torn plastic.

As far as art is concerned, I would say aspects of Arte Povera and Minimalism hold particular significance for me. I use existing objects and shapes, and feel it is my job to tease out the unusual forms of beauty that already exist there, rather than attempting to create something new.


red or dead (2006)

A part at the seam (2009)

The processes are laborious and there are thousands of individual elements involved, but formal concerns remain of high importance. I do not wish the animals to provide a narrative, but rather to introduce an element of movement, or energy, or some sort of reality; animating or interacting with what might otherwise be closed, ungiving, minimal forms.


Dead or Alive (2010)

Drawing is important, and allows me to explore a different side of each idea. The processes involved in my taxidermy drawings bring a growing degree of understanding of material and form.

While you were sleeping drawing (2009)

While you were sleeping

while you were sleeping

I want to try a suspension piece before I die. It would be tedious and time consuming but I think a lot of fun.

The Pythia


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