Day 10: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

To celebrate the first day of double digits I have decided to do a pair of artists. A husband and wife photography team.

Together they create photo allegories of man’s relationship with nature, technology and emotion as well as portray the struggle with loss, and himself.

“My photographs tell stories of loss, human struggle, and personal exploration within landscapes scarred by technology and over-use…. [I] strive to metaphorically and poetically link laborious actions, idiosyncratic rituals and strangely crude machines into tales about our modern experience.”-Robert ParkeHarrison

Flying Lesson

"We want to make images that have open, narrative qualities, images containing ideas about human limits. These mythic images mirror our world, where nature is domesticated, controlled and destroyed."

Now you’re probably asking yourself “what’s so special about them? anyone could do that in photoshop.” But what is so wonderful about “The Architects Brother” is they didnt use photoshop. All of them are elaborately staged photographs.

” Photoshop was not used on these works. We merged multiple images through an adapted form of the paper negative process. In this process we still had to shoot the various components of an images, with the other components in mind (angle, depth of field, lighting etc)
Paper negatives allowed us to collage various images into one image. It is a lengthy process that requires a back and forth process from paper negatives, paper positives, drawing and contact printing. Once a final image was completed we then mounted it and painted on the photograph. This painting process consisted on many, many layers of washes. This further distanced the final image from qualities of photography.”

Their pieces look sort of post-apocalyptic (after man has exhausted his last natural resource) and steam punk.

But also have a wonderful, almost Odd Nerdrum style to their use of repetition.

Which again, gives you this dark, ominous feeling when you look at them.

I can seriously see this man trying so hard to get something, ANYTHING to grow.

For videos of the artists speaking on their works: really tried to get some in here but it just never wanted to work for me.)

Some new works:

I want one of those flying machines.

The Pythia


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