Day 21: Olek

To put it simply, Olek is a fiber artist from Poland working in the US. Where her artistry gets more complex is in the ways she showcases it. Agata Oleksiak crochets and uses this medium in art installations,

Knitting is for Pussies

kiss me I crochet (inflatable)

Living sculptures,

Crocheted Drum Set

Performance pieces,


Working Woman in Red (Lots of female artists incorporate textiles into their work to revisit and pay homage to women's crafts throughout the ages)

and what she insists is not guerilla art,

"I don't yarn bomb, I make art. If someone calls my bull a yarn bomb, I get really upset. Lots of people have aunts or grandmas who paint. Do you want to see that work in the galleries? No. The street is an extension of the gallery. Not everyone’s work deserves to be in public." Lots of Aunts and Grandmas crochet too Olek. Just Sayin'.

Crocheted Banksy!

Olek’s work was going to be featured in a film called Yarnana but it was canceled on June 28th due to lack of funding. It’s too bad, because it looked like it would’ve been a cute movie:

If you, or anyone you know is at all interested in crocheting and/or guerilla art, there are some great resources here:

The Pythia