Day 17: Pamela Wilson

According to her website Pamela Wilson deals with absurdity and isolation in her work. The places we find ourselves as we grow and create ourselves.

“There are otherworlds and contrived realities going on in my head all the time- I love to work at making these designer-worlds of mine become paintings. I work in surreality in that sense- without the melting clocks. Dream-worlds are fun and free of constraint, and anything can happen in a dream. And still make dream sense. Whether intricate or simple, all of my ideas are very personal. I am inspired arbitrarily by just about anything- I read, I watch films, I argue, I shop, I cry, I dream, I complain, I laugh, I do laundry, I look at art. I never know when an idea will grab me, and take me on a wild ride.  Any idea, or object, or place, or person may transport me, and give me the impetus for a painting or a series…  I don’t think I create ideas; I only interpret them. I stay open to them, and I try to keep them open to interpretation. I think we all share similar experiences and emotions.”

The Last Escapist (2011)

“When we dream, it seems that it is without choice, beyond our control, at the whim and fancy of our subconscious. But I am beginning to understand, through painting, that I choose my dreams by day- and design my worlds- whatever they may hold- while I am awake. Through my work, I hope to encourage others to do the same.”

The Undoing of Jenny (2011)

“ I never know when they will speak to me, but “ghosts” and I have a rapport. I read a lot, and find that the more I put in my brain- the more I get out. I live in extremes- I’m either bored to tears, or highly titillated. My mother used to tell me if I’m bored- it’s my fault.”

Prelude to Mad Hope (2010)

Crest Fallen Interlopers (2010)

Sleepwalking with Scarecrows (2010)

The Nuisance (2010)

An Inviting Abyss (2009)

Regarding Rex (2008)

Carrie Ann Baade is supposed to sit for her sometime,

The Pythia